Slow Rain

June 5, 2012

A slow rain fell
and washed the tears away
and washed the blood away,
red to pink to nothing at all,
and tried to wash the pain away
but forty days and forty nights
couldn’t make her feel okay.

Inspired by My Word Wizard.


xii. After the Fire

March 20, 2011

The rain came.
It calmed the flames
and washed away the ashes
that remained.
It softened the contours
of the ruins left behind.

The rain brings with it
A kind of quiet
The rumble of thunder
where hours before
the rumble of fire
had roared;
the patter of raindrops
where hours before
the crackle of flames
had scored the scene.

The rain
is a blanket
that falls on the ground
and covers the land
and masks the contours.
In the rain
every jagged edge is blunted,
every corner dulled.
In the rain
everything is softened,
swept away.

The rain washes
down walls;
the black of
charred wood and brick
running to the ground
forming burnt puddles
that soak into the street,
eventually fading away.

The rain washes
down walls
and washes
down faces
of those that look on.
Their tears are carried
to the ground,
forming wretched puddles
that disappear,
by the downpour.

The rain
carries the ashes away,
it hushes the roar
of the fire’s rage,
it blunts the edges
torn by violent flames
and washes the
tears of the watchers

The rain stopped.
In the midst of the streams
that rippled
and shimmered
the ruins stood damp
and were you to look
you would never guess
that just hours before,
these fragile bones
had been so much more.
You’d never guess that
just hours before,
the rumble of fire
had roared through
its core.

The rain,
however heavy,
however cold,
however hard,
cannot wash away the pain
they feel inside.
The sorrow stains them
in a way that rain
cannot remove.
Their tears are gone,
just like the ash has gone,
but the pain,
cannot be soothed.

xxxvii. The Game

February 27, 2011

He saw their love as little more,
Than an experiment.
A game to play,
That had no rules.
And so their story went:

He loved her just enough,
That she let him inside.
And when she did,
He set up camp,
Until the day she died.

The game of course, did not last long,
Though she would not give in.
But with no rules to speak of, he,
Was not a cheat,
And she could never win.

He teased her every way he could,
Told every lie he knew,
To make her think,
This thing was real,
Though not a dot was true.

The more he did to cause her pain,
The harder she would try,
To win his love,
And make him hers,
But he just watched her cry.

He didn’t feel a thing for her,
And when he saw her tears,
He felt no guilt,
No sense of sorrow, just,
Used them to find her fears.

And when he knew just what she feared,
He knew how to proceed;
With every move,
He hurt her more,
Indulged in his own greed.

But she, confused by what she felt,
Let him get closer every day,
She thought she might,
Get through to him,
And teach him not to play.

She thought that he could learn to love,
Of this, she felt so sure.
She thought that she,
Could make him change,
But this, of course, was just what he’d hoped for.

He let her make her futile moves;
He let her dig her hole,
For every time she tried,
She failed,
And every failure helped him take her soul.

When eventually he left,
She was a mere shell.
And yet she loved him still,
And therefore, could not see,
That he’d left her alone in hell.

For him, the game was done;
The final whistle blown;
For her it never stopped –
She never looked for more –
And when she died, his was the only love she’d ever known.



Inspired by the following lyric from Rilo Kiley’s Silver Lining:

“I never felt so wicked,
As when I willed our love to die”

ix. Contact

January 12, 2011

He stands in utter shock,
He cannot move; He cannot breath,
His every muscle aches.

A sweat breaks on his face;
His brow is wet with icy beads.
He feels a sudden chill.

He looks down at his hand.
His shaking arm is still stretched out,
His palm still glowing red.

He tries to speak to her,
But cannot whisper, cannot shout –
He cannot say a word.

She lies there on the ground;
She’s crying, curled up at his feet.
She doesn’t say a word.

She stays there on the ground.
She’s shivering despite the heat.
Her lip is swollen red.

And now the tears come,
They run like rivers down his face,
And trickle onto her.

His anger has all gone,
His crippled heart ceases to race,
Now guilt is all he feels.

His blood stops rushing now,
And suddenly he comes around;
New thoughts begin to form.

It’s not just guilt, there’s shame.
He kneels beside her on the ground,
And takes her in his arms.

She doesn’t move away,
He isn’t quite sure why she stays.
Perhaps she is just scared?

She turns to look at him,
To fix him in her puzzled gaze,
And once again he’s cold.

She doesn’t ask him why,
But he can see it in her eyes.
He cannot answer her.

No words would say enough.
All’s left is to apologise,
But still he cannot speak.

He doesn’t say the words,
But she can see it in his tears.
She knows it’s just the once.

He’s never harmed a hair –
Tonight the first in all their years;
She knows they’ll be okay.

She takes him in her arms;
They lie together on the floor,
And hold each other close.