May 3, 2012

You can’t survive on love, you told me
but why? Money can’t hold me,
the way you do and I can’t find warmth
in any shelter as well as in your smile
that melts the worries of a life away
and at the end of every day,
your kiss tastes better and gives
more nourishment than any meal
and when my hand’s in yours
I feel protected; so much safer
than locked doors and real walls
could ever be. I see in your eyes
a future that no fortune could bring –
a hope and a happiness
beyond material things
and I know that though we may be poor
with you my heart sings
and you can be sure
that I could live forever
on just your love.



June 15, 2011

I’m not afraid of spiders.
Their many legs
long and hairy
don’t bother me.
In fact, they amaze me
with their hand-spun homes
and their formidable hunting techniques.

I’m not afraid of snakes.
Their fangs,
sharp and often venemous
do nothing to raise my pulse.
In fact, I’m in awe
at how long they can go without food,
how tightly they can squeeze their prey.

I’m not afraid of the dark.
The shadows,
that swallow everything,
can not overpower me.
On the contrary, I appreciate
the way darkness smothers light
the way it controls the world.

But you.
Your disarming smile,
that catches my breath,
brings me to my knees.
I’m terrified
by your piercing eyes,
your rough hands
and your charming lilt.


May 28, 2011

The voice in my head
is only my own
but it talks to me
in a horrible tone.
He reminds me how worthless I am,
how hard to be around;
he tells me why nobody likes me
and all these things compound.
He shows me the things
I don’t want to see
and I have to believe him
because he is me.
At times it is hard
and I pray for quiet;
I think about suicide
but I’m too proud to try it.
With these negative thoughts,
I torture myself
fixating on things
I should place on the shelf.
And like this it goes,
for days, sometimes weeks
like a bottomless chasm,
between mediocre peaks.
I wake of a morning,
can’t get out of bed
for the sheer lack of joy
that’s engulfing my head.
Everything I encounter
makes the voice speak out;
everything that I see,
gives me all the more reason to doubt
and it never leaves,
never really goes away
but after every struggle,
there eventually comes a day
when I feel I’m in control
and though the voice remains,
from somewhere I find the power
to cast it into chains
and keep it confined in the depths of my mind
and when it starts to nag
I drown out the sound
of its infernal drag;
I ignore its commentary
and I force myself to smile
and like this it goes
until after a while,
the smile is real
and I start to feel
like I’m back
behind the wheel.
Then the good days ensue
and I’m happy again
and for the duration
I can forget the pain
that came over me,
seized from inside.
I can let myself pretend
that the voice has died.

ix. Upside Down

March 17, 2011

All we knew was back to front,
our left, was now our right.
Our night was day, our yes was no,
our black became our white.

Not a thing made sense;
the rules had all been bent,
the past had been erased,
the future had been spent.

Our world was upside down;
our lives were inside out;
our time was running in reverse
yet we still smiled throughout.



Inspired by the following image prompt from @MyWordWizard:
“Our world was upside down…”

ii. Summer Sun

March 5, 2011

Summer Sun
lights up the sky;
lights up the corners
and the cracks;
rubs the shadows out.

Summer Sun
chases off the cold
and scares away
the apathy
that winter left.

Summer Sun
casts new life
across the land;
casts a smile
across my face.



Inspired by One Stop Poetry’s ‘Poetically Friday‘.

xx. What is Love?

January 26, 2011

Is it a kiss?
Is it your lips and my lips,
Our tongues together,
Dancing their rhumba?
I think that’s it.

Is it a hug?
Is it that closeness,
When two seem to occupy one,
And we never want to let go?
I think that’s it.

Is it a touch?
Is it your hand in mine,
Fingers entwined,
My thumb softly stroking your palm?
I think that’s it.

Is it a laugh?
Is it the comfort,
Of speaking my mind,
And knowing that I won’t be judged?
I think that’s it.

Is it a gift?
Is it knowing just what you like,
And wrapping it up,
To make you feel special?
I think that’s it.

Is it a word?
Is it enough that I tell you I do;
You knowing without a doubt,
That I mean it completely?
I think that’s it.

Is it a smile?
Is it the way your face lights up,
When I walk towards you,
And I can see just how happy you are?
I think that’s it.

Is it you?
Is it being alone together,
Basking in your company,
And that being all I need?
I think that’s it.

Is it all of these things?
Is it nothing at all,
If even one part,
Is missing?

I think that’s it.

xvi. Your Smile

January 21, 2011

Your smile can make the rough seem smooth,
Can sand the corners down.

Your smile can take the edge off it,
When life’s wearing me down.

Your smile can take my mind off things,
Can help with winding down.

Your smile can get me back on track,
When I have broken down.

Your smile can keep the wrath at bay,
Can always calm me down.

Your smile can turn a bad day good,
When seems the chips are down.