xxii. Scar

April 14, 2011

Nothing makes a spark like love –
a flame you cannot hide;
a torch you bear with pleasure
that cannot be controlled.


Nothing leaves a scar like love –
a mark you’ll never lose;
a tear between two souls
that never heals.

Nothing leaves a ghost like love –
the memories you won’t forget;
the shadows in the corners of your heart
that won’t be lit.

Nothing leaves its mark like love –
that look that will not leave your face;
that stunted smile, those tortured lips
that will not be at ease.


xxxv. Smile

February 27, 2011

Dragging out of that hole,
The shell of a man that never was;
Showing to the world,
A face that has never known truth;
Has never felt the breeze of reality.
Scars on scars on fettered skin,
All smoothed over with the lies,
Of a happiness forged in fire.
Where do we take ourselves to die,
When here in the shadows –
In the crevices of the world –
Is where we live?

vi. Real Love

January 6, 2011

Working Title: “Real Love”
Updated Title: “Abuse Me”

Suggested Title: “Love?”

(Thanks, Lee.)


I love to be there by your side,
When times get hard and things get tough;
I love the way you turn to me,
To share the pain when things get rough.

I know you like to have me close,
Though others might not realise,
I know how much you need me here,
I see it deep down in your eyes.

Those other people do not see,
They don’t see you the way I do,
They don’t see how you look at me,
Don’t see the way your love bursts through.

Your love is printed on my skin,
My naked body tells the tale,
Of love’s triumph against the odds;
A story written down in braille.

But I won’t show a single soul,
The special diary that we keep,
The hints, the symbols of your love,
How your devotion makes me weep.

See, only we can understand,
That’s why we can’t let others in.
See, only we can understand,
The way your love can’t be kept in.

I feel your love, so strong for me,
So strong that I fear I might break;
A love so strong it shatters me,
So strong it makes my body ache.

For every door I walk into,
For every fall upon the stair,
I feel your love a little more;
I feel how much, how hard you care.

With every touch, you weaken me,
A prisoner, I can’t resist,
I couldn’t leave you if I tried,
I’d miss your love, your kiss, your fist.



Inspired by the following lyrics:
The hints, the little symbols of your devotion ~AaTJ
A kiss with a fist is better than none ~F+TM
I walked into the door again ~SV