Lullaby (Unfinished?)

March 21, 2012

I’ll sing you a dream
if you’ll listen to me;
I’ll make it a good one,
just wait and see.
I’ll whisper a nightmare
into your ear
and send you to bed
with your greatest fears –
I’ll follow you down
into slumber so deep
and toy with your mind
as you restlessly sleep
and when you awake
in the pitch black of night –
cold sweats and shallow breath –
I’ll torture you from the shadows
with blood-chilling fright.


xix. She Sells…

August 25, 2011

like seashells held to your ear
echo foreign lands and happy times
but as we know too well,
the sounds you hear in shells
are only lies we tell ourselves.
Are dreams any different?
But still we dream,
not because of the promises they make
but because of what they represent;
because every lie told
is a glimpse at a truth that could have been
or could be
just like every soul sold
is a reminder
of a world where angels reigned,
when the devil existed only in nightmares
and stories told by mums to naughty kids.
Now, we need these dreams to see those angels
and to believe that the devil isn’t real.


May 28, 2011

tick-tock, chiming clock,
midnight calls
tar-black backdrop falls
full moon lights the night
like day
you feel your consciousness begin to slip away
to be replaced
by fear’s embrace.
For when you sleep,
you cannot hear
it creeping up on you,
filling you with dark ideas,
thoughts that haunt you
when you wake,
that taunt and threaten to make
you do unspeakable things
that live in songs the devil sings.

you try to keep it all inside,
you feel like you cannot confide
in anyone, and so you hide it
’til it’s gone
or ’til you think it has, at least
but it will surely come again
to feast,
and bring along a stronger pain,
this beast,
like poison coursing through your veins
like screams inside your brain
that slice right through, contort, distort
your thoughts
’til all that’s left is fear.

you wish you could scratch out your eyes
but what you fear lies not
beneath the skies of this, the waking world
but in a place where peace curled up and died
a place you cannot hide.
The things you fear live within
and that unbridled din
is in
your mind.

x. Sigh

March 18, 2011

Your sigh woke me.
My alarm clock did not ring.
Didn’t ring loud enough
to beckon me from sleep;
didn’t ring loud enough
to call me in from dreams.
But your sigh —
Your sigh was enough.
A thouand miles
across the world,
across the seas,
your sigh was enough
to drag me back to clarity
back to waking reality
back to here and now
and you and me.
My alarm clock didn’t ring
couldn’t ring loud enough
to break the bonds of slumber
but your sigh,
a breath,
a murmur,
no more than a whisper
of longing
and wanting
and needing –
Your sigh was enough.
Your sigh is all it took,
all it ever takes.
From nightmares it saves me;
on bad days it comforts;
when anger strikes it calms me.
This morning it woke me.
Your sigh.
Though no one else
Nowhere in the world
even heard the sound,
My whole body ached;
my soul, it stretched toward you,
tried to leave me
and go after you.
I felt your sigh within me,
felt it welling up,
it filled me
felt it bring you to my side
felt you wrap your arms around me,
pull me close and
hold me tight.
Your sigh said,
I never want to let you go,
and though your arms
were a thousand miles
across the world
across the seas
over mountains and
through the trees
I heard your sigh as if
you were right here.

v. Dreamer

January 5, 2011

Where do you go late at night, when the shadows fall?
What visions of dread do your sleeping eyes see?
What is the nightmare that violently beckons your call?

What is the horror that every night keeps you in thrall?
When the morning arrives, why won’t you tell me?
Where do you go late at night, when the shadows fall?

What is it you beseech in your fearful dreamer’s drawl?
Who is the object of your frenzied mumbled plea?
What is the nightmare that violently beckons your call?

How do you keep your eyes closed through it all?
How can you sleep when your screams waken me?
Where do you go late at night, when the shadows fall?

What evils stalk through your mind’s twisted hall?
What class of monster possesses the key?
What is the nightmare that violently beckons your call?

What are the demons that through your dreams crawl?
Where do they drag you, so unsavoury?
Where do you go late at night, when the shadows fall?
What is the nightmare that violently beckons your call?