Lullaby (Unfinished?)

March 21, 2012

I’ll sing you a dream
if you’ll listen to me;
I’ll make it a good one,
just wait and see.
I’ll whisper a nightmare
into your ear
and send you to bed
with your greatest fears –
I’ll follow you down
into slumber so deep
and toy with your mind
as you restlessly sleep
and when you awake
in the pitch black of night –
cold sweats and shallow breath –
I’ll torture you from the shadows
with blood-chilling fright.


v. Knees

July 11, 2011

Every night
before she sleeps
she gets down on her knees
and prays.
There, bowed at the feet of her God,
she pleas
for it to all be over soon.
She sees, she feels
his awesome power
by the light of the moon
and she closes her eyes
and clasps her hands
as he enters her,
hushing her,
and she breathes him in
swallowing the seed of her God’s love.

The Spider

June 15, 2011

I am the spider.
The watcher
the hunter.
I am the friend of the night
The bringer of fear
the layer of traps.
I am the waiter,
the catcher,
the killer.
I am the dispenser of poison
the silent stalker,
the loner.

xvi. What if?

April 1, 2011

Squinting out the sun
as it invades your sleep
Zero flicks to one;
deafening: beep beep beep.
As the volume grows
you beg the night to stay
wishing for the shadows
to keep the day away.
Curtains drawn but light
creeps rudely through;
screw your eyes up tight
but morning claws at you.
But if the Sun could hear your pleas
that it should lose its battle with the moon,
If it turned back just to appease,
refusing to bring dawn or noon,
Would you be content,
to see night reign
Or in such an event,
beg for sun again?



Inspired by the following poem (a gogyohka) from Brigid Briton, found over at her poets’ forum, Poetry Here and Now:

what if day decided
like a groundhog
to turn around and sleep
a while