A Lifetime

March 31, 2013

A lifetime looking—
nothing found. 
Still, I say not waste,
for a lifetime looking
is a life of purpose, and
though I never found you,
I know from dreams
that you were worth a thousand lives. 


New Soul

March 2, 2013

In the half-light born,
a brand new soul
to a dying world.
Shadows over soft blue eyes,
looking to a future
no one chose.
such events were celebrated:
a fresh-lit flame,
a beacon of love,
a bundle of joy.
But this is a changed world.
One in which new parents
feel only apologetic–
where birth is mourned,
and death yearned for.

Falling Fruit

August 18, 2012

When the fruit falls from the tree,
this is its rebirth.
It spends so much time
and consumes so much energy
to be just like all its brothers and sisters
and all those that came before it
growing with such certainty and security
until finally
it takes a dive into the unknown
falling towards the ground
falling faster as it nears
just as we grow exponentially
the more deeply we throw ourselves
into the dark abyss of ignorance.


July 30, 2012

Those times when love and pain
are both the same,
when solitude and death
are all you feel is left.

Those times when happiness
escapes and loneliness
makes your world feel cold
and freezes your soul.

Those times when you feel
like the only thing that’s real
is the sorrow in your heart
that’s tearing you apart.

Those times when the depth of depression
seems like the only remaining option,
like there is no way back to the light
and no point in continuing to fight.

Beyond the Horizon

July 19, 2012

She opens her eyes.
Immediately, she has to cover her face,
shielding from the Sun,
She faces into the wind,
a young girl –
she looks maybe 19, maybe older –
innocent, bright,
and her hair flicks across her lips.
She adjusts to the Sun after a moment
and she looks out across the sea,
almost as blue as her eyes.
From where she stands,
it seems eternal.
She stands on sands of gold,
her bare feet slightly sinking
into the soft ground.
The sun is hot and her feet burn a little,
but they feel cooler under the surface.
The air smells of salt and a certain sweetness
and apart from the wind and the waves
there is no sound.
She’s completely alone on the beach
and she doesn’t even look around her to check,
just gazes across the ocean towards the horizon.
What is beyond that ever distant line, she wonders.
She wears a light white linen dress that dances in the wind
and small specs appear where the surf blows up
and she feels it on her face too;
blinking, she lifts a hand to wipe the moisture away
and to brush her hair aside.
She watches the clouds crawling and curling
from over the horizon and wonders again,
where have they come from.
She imagines the wind that blows in her face
filling the sails of some grand ship,
carrying all the people she has ever known and ever loved.
She imagines it rising over the horizon,
from that mysterious other place,
sails fat with the sweet salty wind.
She even thinks she sees it, for a second,
coming closer,
coming to collect her.
She raises her arms in the air
and feels a gust of wind wash over her,
and she wonders what is beyond the horizon
and as her ship comes nearer,
she knows she will soon find out,
and she smiles broadly
as the light from the sun shines brighter
and as I look down on you
lying frail in a bed you didn’t choose,
searching for recognition in your grey eyes
I see your breathing shallow
and feel your hand relax in mine.
For a moment, I think I see a hint of a smile and
I wonder what’s beyond the horizon
and I wish for a heaven that I don’t believe in.


May 3, 2012

You can’t survive on love, you told me
but why? Money can’t hold me,
the way you do and I can’t find warmth
in any shelter as well as in your smile
that melts the worries of a life away
and at the end of every day,
your kiss tastes better and gives
more nourishment than any meal
and when my hand’s in yours
I feel protected; so much safer
than locked doors and real walls
could ever be. I see in your eyes
a future that no fortune could bring –
a hope and a happiness
beyond material things
and I know that though we may be poor
with you my heart sings
and you can be sure
that I could live forever
on just your love.

Looking and Seeing

March 25, 2012

Everyone is looking,
but no one is seeing;
out on the street,
we’ve all but stopped being;
the drive now is doing
and while this may lead
to some great achievements,
it is not what we need;
We’ve forgotten the point,
and how to be;
we’ve forgotten the world,
and how to see.

Inspired by this photo (comments unfortunately disabled on original site):

Street Photography by Javier Martín

Every Day

June 25, 2011

Every day is one day closer.
You can choose to acknowledge that
and be every day one day more prepared,
one day happier,
one day richer,

or you can ignore it;
live everyday for you;
live everyday for the instant gratification
with which our generation
has become so accustomed;
live every day for your reputation,
like anyone else’s opinion really matters;
live every day for riches
and be taken by surprise
when you’re taken,
unaware of what it is to really be happy,
to really be rich.

Every day is one day closer.

More or Less

April 17, 2011

More Love; Less Hate.
More Choice; Less Fate.

More Peace; Less War.
Fear Less; Try More.
More Honesty; Less Shame.
More Humanity; Less Pain.
More Real; Less Fake.
More Give; Less Take.
More Good; Less Harm
Less Anger; More Calm.

Less Dark; More Light.
More Talk; Less Fight.

More Warmth; Less Cold.
Less Shy; More Bold.

More Heart; Less Head.

Less Starved; More Fed.
More Saved; Less Killed.

More Free; Less Billed.

Trade More; Buy Less.
Less No; More Yes.
More Rest; Less Strife.

Less Death; More Life.



An old favourite of mine, tidied up a little.

xxiii. Sunset

April 15, 2011

Driving into the sunset.
Really, that’s the dream.
Be it driving to
or driving from
or driving with,
it’s what we want.

To leave the world behind us
and escape to a place beyond the horizon
or else be headed for that brighter future,
that greener grass, that better life –
a loved one, a job, an opportunity –
or else to be lost in the moment
on the road under the sun holding the hand
of the only person that matters.

The car, of course, is important:
It must be fast, sleek, brightly colored.
Top down, wind in hair, sunglasses on,
one hand on the wheel, one not giving a damn,
sunset swallowing you up.

That hollywood ending.

But that right there,
that’s the problem:
Rolling credits; they’re the problem.
Title songs; they’re the problem.
Because when the sun goes down
and you’re still driving,
or when your car stops
and you’re already there,
what comes next?
The movies all ended but you,
you have to go on living.