May 3, 2012

You can’t survive on love, you told me
but why? Money can’t hold me,
the way you do and I can’t find warmth
in any shelter as well as in your smile
that melts the worries of a life away
and at the end of every day,
your kiss tastes better and gives
more nourishment than any meal
and when my hand’s in yours
I feel protected; so much safer
than locked doors and real walls
could ever be. I see in your eyes
a future that no fortune could bring –
a hope and a happiness
beyond material things
and I know that though we may be poor
with you my heart sings
and you can be sure
that I could live forever
on just your love.


The Spider, Pt. 2

June 15, 2011

You crept around me,
stayed out of sight,
laid your trap
and you waited.
You watched from afar
and sharpened your teeth
as you prepared for the day
you would meet me.
You clung to the shadows
and bided your time,
studied my movements
so that you wouldn’t make a mistake
and then
when I came too close,
when I stepped –
carelessly –
into your lair
you sprung;
You paralysed me
with your venom-laced kiss
and tied me up
in the web of your embrace;
you devoured me
and left me an empty shell,
my soul
completely contained within you.
I was your prey
and now I am trapped
in the confines of your love.

You used my love against me,
made a prison of my heart;
You kissed me just to trap me,
then you watched me fall apart.

You threw away the only key
and left me there to die,
captive to my own naivete
and still I don’t know why.

The very day that I met you,
you cast me in these chains.
Now every day I feel anew,
so much insufferable pain.

xxviii. The Game of Love

February 13, 2011

She didn’t quite know,
What it meant to be in love;
She just played along.

She loved last kisses;
They were her only reason,
For getting involved.

She hated goodbyes;
So she always disappeared,
Without saying it.

She loved first meetings;
That was the only reason,
She’d finished with him.

xx. What is Love?

January 26, 2011

Is it a kiss?
Is it your lips and my lips,
Our tongues together,
Dancing their rhumba?
I think that’s it.

Is it a hug?
Is it that closeness,
When two seem to occupy one,
And we never want to let go?
I think that’s it.

Is it a touch?
Is it your hand in mine,
Fingers entwined,
My thumb softly stroking your palm?
I think that’s it.

Is it a laugh?
Is it the comfort,
Of speaking my mind,
And knowing that I won’t be judged?
I think that’s it.

Is it a gift?
Is it knowing just what you like,
And wrapping it up,
To make you feel special?
I think that’s it.

Is it a word?
Is it enough that I tell you I do;
You knowing without a doubt,
That I mean it completely?
I think that’s it.

Is it a smile?
Is it the way your face lights up,
When I walk towards you,
And I can see just how happy you are?
I think that’s it.

Is it you?
Is it being alone together,
Basking in your company,
And that being all I need?
I think that’s it.

Is it all of these things?
Is it nothing at all,
If even one part,
Is missing?

I think that’s it.