Sing to me…

April 21, 2013

Sing to me
as I drift to sleep.
Let me sail upon your melody
from these shores
into the depths of unconsciousness.
May the last thing I hear
before I sink
beneath the cool surface
be the softness of your voice.
May the words
stay with me
in the eternal dream
of the hereafter.
Enshroud me with your harmony
that I be buried with your song
and have it echo through the heavens
and mingle with the music of angels.
I do not ask of you
to weep for me
for I am not sad.
We have both been waiting
and now it is time for me to go;
My only remaining wish is this:
as I drift to sleep,
sing to me.



November 6, 2012

To float
among the stars
looking on heaven
and below.

Beyond the Horizon

July 19, 2012

She opens her eyes.
Immediately, she has to cover her face,
shielding from the Sun,
She faces into the wind,
a young girl –
she looks maybe 19, maybe older –
innocent, bright,
and her hair flicks across her lips.
She adjusts to the Sun after a moment
and she looks out across the sea,
almost as blue as her eyes.
From where she stands,
it seems eternal.
She stands on sands of gold,
her bare feet slightly sinking
into the soft ground.
The sun is hot and her feet burn a little,
but they feel cooler under the surface.
The air smells of salt and a certain sweetness
and apart from the wind and the waves
there is no sound.
She’s completely alone on the beach
and she doesn’t even look around her to check,
just gazes across the ocean towards the horizon.
What is beyond that ever distant line, she wonders.
She wears a light white linen dress that dances in the wind
and small specs appear where the surf blows up
and she feels it on her face too;
blinking, she lifts a hand to wipe the moisture away
and to brush her hair aside.
She watches the clouds crawling and curling
from over the horizon and wonders again,
where have they come from.
She imagines the wind that blows in her face
filling the sails of some grand ship,
carrying all the people she has ever known and ever loved.
She imagines it rising over the horizon,
from that mysterious other place,
sails fat with the sweet salty wind.
She even thinks she sees it, for a second,
coming closer,
coming to collect her.
She raises her arms in the air
and feels a gust of wind wash over her,
and she wonders what is beyond the horizon
and as her ship comes nearer,
she knows she will soon find out,
and she smiles broadly
as the light from the sun shines brighter
and as I look down on you
lying frail in a bed you didn’t choose,
searching for recognition in your grey eyes
I see your breathing shallow
and feel your hand relax in mine.
For a moment, I think I see a hint of a smile and
I wonder what’s beyond the horizon
and I wish for a heaven that I don’t believe in.