Boombox Heart

August 19, 2012

If the heart is where Love can be found,
that explains the pulse
the inconsistency
the breaking up and making up
the on and off and on again.

If Love lives in the heart,
I understand why now and then
the booming beat of shouts and screams
and we-are-throughs
gets so damn loud.

If the heart is home to Love,
then that is why
no matter ups and downs
there’s just no way
that I could live apart from you.

A beat skipped,
just one;
I didn’t notice,
didn’t feel a thing
but you,
a part of me,
alive inside me,
felt the change in rhythm
as a flutter
in your own chest.

xi. Cold

July 22, 2011

My heart beats hard,
tries its level best to
remind me I’m alive
and yet I don’t feel it,
not the way I should,
not like it’s within me,
not like it’s a part of me.
My breath speeds up,
steams on the mirror.
I feel no in and out,
no oxygen to the brain
just like I don’t feel
the blood pumping
just like I don’t feel
the joy or pain of life
just like I don’t feel.
Cold makes me numb,
dulls my senses, yet
this doesn’t feel new.
Dullness comforts me,
like an old friend might,
wraps its arms round me
and slows my heart
and slows my breath
and reminds me that death
is always around the corner.

You used my love against me,
made a prison of my heart;
You kissed me just to trap me,
then you watched me fall apart.

You threw away the only key
and left me there to die,
captive to my own naivete
and still I don’t know why.

The very day that I met you,
you cast me in these chains.
Now every day I feel anew,
so much insufferable pain.

xv. Glance

March 24, 2011

My heart has never beat so fast,
I’ve never felt this rush before,
My body greedily wants more,
Before the feeling’s even passed.

That brief enchanting glance you cast,
Left me in such stupendous awe,
I’ve never felt this rush before,
My heart has never beat so fast.

I worry that it will not last,
That if you walk back out the door,
I’ll lose something I can’t restore;
I know it could not be surpassed.
My heart has never beat so fast.



Inspired by One-Stop-Poetry‘s ‘Form Monday’, which this week introduced the Rondel.

vi. Please

March 9, 2011

Still this tempered heart, Oh Lord,
Cease its sad, relentless beat,
Rip it from my chest.
The walls I built have done no good,
They kept more in than out.

Exorcise my spirit, Lord.
Sever this tormented soul,
Send it back to whence it came.
Remove it from its mortal cage;
Deliver me to peace.

xxxiii. Spring

February 16, 2011

They fell,
Upon a mountain spring,
Where water flowed from the earth,
Like love,
Flowed from their hearts.



Inspired by @MyWordWizard‘s prompt: “They fell upon a mountain spring…”