Falling Fruit

August 18, 2012

When the fruit falls from the tree,
this is its rebirth.
It spends so much time
and consumes so much energy
to be just like all its brothers and sisters
and all those that came before it
growing with such certainty and security
until finally
it takes a dive into the unknown
falling towards the ground
falling faster as it nears
just as we grow exponentially
the more deeply we throw ourselves
into the dark abyss of ignorance.


Time to Grow

May 10, 2012

a story about growth

February 27, 2012

Once, a raindrop met the sea. They created an absolute unison, combining as one.

From that very point of perfect convergence, a ripple was formed that held them both.

That ripple spread and spread, becoming wider and wider until eventually, it encompassed the whole world.

The ripple continued on, compelled to move forward, and on and on until finally, after traveling the whole world, and growing big enough to take it all in, the ripple found itself and became a single point once more.