The Full Moon

May 13, 2013

With his back to the door,
seated, shrunken on the floor
in dim yellow light
and deep obsidian fright,
he listens to the heavy thuds
thumping hesitantly, unsteadily closer—
at odds with the beat of his heart
racing faster and harder.
The final footstep falls
just inches away from where he sits
and the door pushes against his back,
and as it opens he shuffles forwards.

And now he is running,
without looking back,
knowing too well what he’ll see.
In the distance he sees the full moon
that has brought the beast here,
and he runs towards the pale disc,
claws thrashing at his back.

Our brave adventurer runs on,
amongst the carcasses of those that went before,
those that could not outrun the beast,
could not evade its long arms,
but our hero is determined.
Ahead he sees salvation:
a black hole in the ground,
surrounded by gnarled, heavy roots.
If he can make it inside,
he’s sure the beast will not be able to follow.

The lion-hearted champion holds his breath—
he knows that timing is everything;
he steels himself, siezes his chance
and dives headlong towards the burrow,
not knowing what might lie therein
but sure nothing can be worse
than the beast on his tail.
He’s almost safe, almost escaped,
but he shrieks as he feels the thick roots
curling around his ankles.
Alive with evil—carniverous—they pull,
and he cannot resist their strength.

He is dragged from the tunnel,
arms outstretched towards hope,
losing his grasp more by the second.
Backwards he is hauled,
nothing more to be done,
and then the beast twists his body
to look at him.
He clamps his eyes shut,
to look is to give the beast what it wants,
and though he knows he has lost,
he refuses to give himself up.

He hears that dreadful sound,
the thing he fears the most,
as the beast unsheathes its blade.
And though he doesn’t understand it,
though it makes no sense,
he knows what is coming.
He whimpers as the beast impales him,
trying to control himself,
to hide his weakness.
He wants to fight it, even tries,
but he is just a boy,
and the beast is too strong.

Eventually, the poison-tipped blade is drawn from him,
but the damage is done,
its blight left inside his body,
and he wants to cry for his mother,
but he knows better than that.
He knows the beast will listen for his cries,
and seek her too, if it hears.
All he can do is stay silent,
and prepare for the next full moon.

He is just a boy,
but one day he will be strong—
One day he will win.



January 6, 2013

Never let them get to you
let your passion burn.
Even though they shackle you,
it’s what you choose to feel that’s true;
keep your mind away from them
and deep inside, you shall have freedom.

Keep on keeping on,
dance your dance,
sing your song,
move your merry self along.

But resolve grows thin and short
and time is tough and long.

You let them take your soul
so you belong
and never look them in the eye
never yours to reason why
just do as you are told
getting busy growing old.

Get on getting on,
play your game,
sharpen your tongue,
move your wicked self along.

Oh how time has weakened you,
when you were once so strong.

ii. Blind

July 6, 2011

Faith is blind.
Faith is the belief
in that which you can not prove.
Faith is the belief
that with God,
you can not lose
and if Faith were truly blind
then there would be no losing
for there would be no competition
for there would be one people
under Faith.

Yet, Faith is not blind to
race or religion.
Faith distinguishes
colour and creed
more boldly
than any other conviction.

Faith builds armies
to defend itself
from itself
and when the soldiers clash
they are but individuals
fighting blindly in the belief
that they are fighting
boldy underneath
the banner of Faith
and when the battlefield
is littered with the corpses of man
it is Faith that survives
to fight again
because Faith is always on
the winning side.

Faith is not blind
for Faith has too many faces
too many appearances
too many boundaries
too many pages
and every one contradicts the next
and for every discrepancy
in every text
man is ready to take up arms
to protect
his Faith’s context.
So that Faith,
the great uniter of man,
is the very reason
for conflict, death and destruction.

Faith is not blind
for Faith cannot ignore
that some believe in one God
and some believe in more;
Some believe in Heaven,
Others in reincarnation;
Some believe in God on earth
while others believe God is too pure.
And when Faith disagrees with Faith,
Faith cannot let be.
So, while they all preach peace
they’re all maintained by war.

Faith is blind
for Faith cannot see
that though we worship differently
and speak to God
with a different name
Faith is Faith, all the same.


May 25, 2011

He said he did it for the thrill,
The ecstasy it sparked within,
The twisted joy of tasting sin.

He said he simply had to kill,
He claimed his soul was black as coal,
and that he could not fight his will.

I guess that blackness has crept in.
I did it simply for the thrill.

xxix. Free & Fate

February 13, 2011


For far too long he fought the fearsome fight for freedom from himself,
Finally finding favour in the farthest fathoms of his failure,
For failing without falling was the feat that freed him,
Freed him from that fellowship of fools infected with self-offense.




Her faith in fate meant she forwent finding anything firsthand; never forging, forever following.