A Lifetime

March 31, 2013

A lifetime looking—
nothing found. 
Still, I say not waste,
for a lifetime looking
is a life of purpose, and
though I never found you,
I know from dreams
that you were worth a thousand lives. 


xvi. Across the World

August 9, 2011

I moved across the world
to where my favorite coffee grew
my favorite flowers unfurled
and my favorite chocolate was made too
and as the dances of fate twisted and twirled
I moved across the world to you.

i. Fate

July 5, 2011

I know you
better than you know yourself.
I know your future
as well as I know your past.
I see how every action
has its reaction
and how every choice
has its consequence.
I read from yesterday
to write tomorrow.
I know what’s best for you
and see how bad days
lead to good days
even when you don’t.
So, I forgive you
when you curse me
for your misfortunes
as I do
when you forget to praise me
for your fortunes.
I consider every path you take
and every path you cross.
I record every opportunity you take,
every person you cross
and every good deed you perform.
Yet, true as all this is,
I don’t control you;
I don’t make decisions for you;
I don’t make you go where you don’t want
even when I know you should.
I only observe you.
I am reactionary.
You wish every day that you were in charge,
not realising that you are –
that your tomorrow
is your choice.
Not realising that
that which you can’t see
you can still touch;
that which you can’t know,
you can still change.

I know you
better than you know yourself
but you do not know me.

I am Fate.

One cannot always choose the way things will be.
One day things just didn’t work out the way they should.
One day I was just a few minutes late.
One day I fell ill and couldn’t leave the house.
One day I fell in the road on my way and never made it.
One day I fell in love.

xxix. Free & Fate

February 13, 2011


For far too long he fought the fearsome fight for freedom from himself,
Finally finding favour in the farthest fathoms of his failure,
For failing without falling was the feat that freed him,
Freed him from that fellowship of fools infected with self-offense.




Her faith in fate meant she forwent finding anything firsthand; never forging, forever following.