He and She (Unfinished)

April 20, 2012

“I will give you the world,” said he.
“You can keep your world, it means nothing to me;
give me your heart, instead.”
“I’m afraid that is one thing I cannot do,” he said.
“Well, if that is true,
I cannot waste another day with you;
What I need from you is love
there’s nothing that I place above.”
“So romantic, so naive;
this is no reason to leave!”
“Perhaps, but then what reason to stay?
What do we have at the end of the day
if not love and romance?”
“Must there be a purpose to the dance?
Can we not do for doing’s sake, just for fun?”
“But what will there be when the dance is done
to make me not regret?”
She said, “fun, one can forget.
It is love that ever-lasts”
“Love too shall pass”