Slow Rain

June 5, 2012

A slow rain fell
and washed the tears away
and washed the blood away,
red to pink to nothing at all,
and tried to wash the pain away
but forty days and forty nights
couldn’t make her feel okay.

Inspired by My Word Wizard.


A beat skipped,
just one;
I didn’t notice,
didn’t feel a thing
but you,
a part of me,
alive inside me,
felt the change in rhythm
as a flutter
in your own chest.

You flow through me;
you dance through my veins
and give my heart its beat.
You live inside me;
you fill my lungs
and give me air to breathe.

You are the pulses
that fire my synapses,
that feed my logic.
You are the magic
that charmed my soul,
that feeds my love.