ix. Contact

January 12, 2011

He stands in utter shock,
He cannot move; He cannot breath,
His every muscle aches.

A sweat breaks on his face;
His brow is wet with icy beads.
He feels a sudden chill.

He looks down at his hand.
His shaking arm is still stretched out,
His palm still glowing red.

He tries to speak to her,
But cannot whisper, cannot shout –
He cannot say a word.

She lies there on the ground;
She’s crying, curled up at his feet.
She doesn’t say a word.

She stays there on the ground.
She’s shivering despite the heat.
Her lip is swollen red.

And now the tears come,
They run like rivers down his face,
And trickle onto her.

His anger has all gone,
His crippled heart ceases to race,
Now guilt is all he feels.

His blood stops rushing now,
And suddenly he comes around;
New thoughts begin to form.

It’s not just guilt, there’s shame.
He kneels beside her on the ground,
And takes her in his arms.

She doesn’t move away,
He isn’t quite sure why she stays.
Perhaps she is just scared?

She turns to look at him,
To fix him in her puzzled gaze,
And once again he’s cold.

She doesn’t ask him why,
But he can see it in her eyes.
He cannot answer her.

No words would say enough.
All’s left is to apologise,
But still he cannot speak.

He doesn’t say the words,
But she can see it in his tears.
She knows it’s just the once.

He’s never harmed a hair –
Tonight the first in all their years;
She knows they’ll be okay.

She takes him in her arms;
They lie together on the floor,
And hold each other close.