xxxviii. Time

March 1, 2011

Time came crawling in the room,
It found him lying there in bed.
Speaking to him from the dark:
“I’m here for you”, Time said.

As Time drew nearer to a close,
He felt a creeping desperation,
Silently he prayed for more,
A chance to find salvation.

But Time responded curtly, “No,
I’m here for you.”
He begged that Time slow down,
But knew his was through.

He wished he’d been more wise with Time,
He wished he used it well,
He wished he’d treated people better,
Wishes drowned by tolling bell.

And as the chiming grew,
So loud he could not think,
He felt his body weaken,
Felt his spirit sink.

He felt his soul take one long dive,
Into a never ending fall.
“I’m here for you,” Time said,
“Just as I’ll come for all.”


xxxvii. The Game

February 27, 2011

He saw their love as little more,
Than an experiment.
A game to play,
That had no rules.
And so their story went:

He loved her just enough,
That she let him inside.
And when she did,
He set up camp,
Until the day she died.

The game of course, did not last long,
Though she would not give in.
But with no rules to speak of, he,
Was not a cheat,
And she could never win.

He teased her every way he could,
Told every lie he knew,
To make her think,
This thing was real,
Though not a dot was true.

The more he did to cause her pain,
The harder she would try,
To win his love,
And make him hers,
But he just watched her cry.

He didn’t feel a thing for her,
And when he saw her tears,
He felt no guilt,
No sense of sorrow, just,
Used them to find her fears.

And when he knew just what she feared,
He knew how to proceed;
With every move,
He hurt her more,
Indulged in his own greed.

But she, confused by what she felt,
Let him get closer every day,
She thought she might,
Get through to him,
And teach him not to play.

She thought that he could learn to love,
Of this, she felt so sure.
She thought that she,
Could make him change,
But this, of course, was just what he’d hoped for.

He let her make her futile moves;
He let her dig her hole,
For every time she tried,
She failed,
And every failure helped him take her soul.

When eventually he left,
She was a mere shell.
And yet she loved him still,
And therefore, could not see,
That he’d left her alone in hell.

For him, the game was done;
The final whistle blown;
For her it never stopped –
She never looked for more –
And when she died, his was the only love she’d ever known.



Inspired by the following lyric from Rilo Kiley’s Silver Lining:

“I never felt so wicked,
As when I willed our love to die”

xxxvi. There are Days.

February 27, 2011

There are days,
When the world can’t get in,
And I don’t want it to.

There are days,
When the world could destroy me,
And I am tempted to let it.

There are days,
When the world seems alien,
And I choose not to look.

There are days,
When the world is mine,
And I can take control.

There are days,
When the world is not,
And I am lost to slavery.

There are days,
When the world is everything,
And I feel so small.

There are days,
When the world just stops,
And I can see it all at once.

There are days,
When the world seems fake,
And I cannot believe in life.

There are days,
When the world is full of love,
And I can only cry.

There are days,
When the world is black with hate,
And I don’t bother to search for light.

There are days,
When the world is vibrant,
And I believe in God.

xxxv. Smile

February 27, 2011

Dragging out of that hole,
The shell of a man that never was;
Showing to the world,
A face that has never known truth;
Has never felt the breeze of reality.
Scars on scars on fettered skin,
All smoothed over with the lies,
Of a happiness forged in fire.
Where do we take ourselves to die,
When here in the shadows –
In the crevices of the world –
Is where we live?

xxxiv. First Love

February 18, 2011

Their love was tough for her;
It placed a burden on her soul.
She feared that people might find out,
And worry took its toll.

She said it mustn’t be revealed,
Their secret must be kept.
He said he couldn’t live that way.
She hid her face and wept.

She’d never been in love before,
And though she knew that this was it,
She couldn’t take the step it took,
To properly commit.

A part of her was truly his,
But it was locked away inside.
Her inability to open up,
Was why their love curled up and died.

xxxiii. Spring

February 16, 2011

They fell,
Upon a mountain spring,
Where water flowed from the earth,
Like love,
Flowed from their hearts.



Inspired by @MyWordWizard‘s prompt: “They fell upon a mountain spring…”

xxxii. Alone

February 15, 2011

He never knew love;
No one had ever said the magic words.
But sadder than that,
Was that he never realised,
He didn’t need anyone but himself,
To be loved.



Inspired by @MyWordWizard‘s prompt: “He never knew love…”

xxxi. Tanka

February 15, 2011

Outside, the rain falls.
I watch the flowers rejoice;
it has been so long
since last it lavished them so.
Inside, I am still waiting.



Find a history of Tanka, here.

xxx. Today

February 15, 2011

Across windswept plains,
Your love reaches me;
Through letters and IMs,
I know you still belong to me.

We charted a new course,
Knowing it would fail,
But promises when love is new,
Are like sandcastles before the tide.

What she thought was love,
Was to be the end of her,
For when she found out she’d been wrong,
What had she to live for?

What happened that night,
It was more than sex;
It was an excuse for what they felt;
A way to forget their love.

His gifts were wrapped with care,
And left her breathless and weak;
How could she now say,
What she had come to say?



Inspired by a series of prompts on Twitter, from both @MyWordWizard and @PoetNub

xxix. Free & Fate

February 13, 2011


For far too long he fought the fearsome fight for freedom from himself,
Finally finding favour in the farthest fathoms of his failure,
For failing without falling was the feat that freed him,
Freed him from that fellowship of fools infected with self-offense.




Her faith in fate meant she forwent finding anything firsthand; never forging, forever following.