The Prizefighter

August 17, 2014

He was rugged,
Never lost in war;
never played at love.
Solid to the touch
and to the test.
But in that first kiss,
she saw behind the intricate veil
of his public persona
and into the delicacy of his soul.
In that first kiss,
she felt her prizefighter soften.
When she was in his arms,
they lived together in a magical kingdom,
where his strength and his love
would keep her safe forever.



August 10, 2014

Beneath the skin
Is an entire universe
Of beating heart
And trembling soul,
Where good and bad
Play soldiers every day.

Beneath the skin
Is where I live,
Is who I am,
Is what I mean,
Is everything I know
To be true.

Beneath the skin
Is a topsy turvy,
Turbulent, treacherous,
Tremendous treat.
But I know you
will never tread that deep.

Today’s Prompts

August 4, 2014

In my eternal absence,
do not feel alone.
But rather, feel me around you
In the very pulse of the universe.

Let the wind blow through your hair,
and let the rain wash down your face;
let the Sun warm your lips,
for I am the wind, I am the rain, I am the Sun.

Inspired by #fieryverse.


August 3, 2014

After all the love,
all the laughter,
all the life has run dry,
will it matter what we were
to an empty, silent world?

He lives in a junkyard. Scraps of other people’s lives litter his home.

His heart was long since broken, so he fashioned a new one from junkyard scraps and tacked it in place with sticky tapeā€”he figured it should hold out for one night.

Inspired by prompts at #HeartSoup by @HeartSoupPoetry


November 6, 2012

To float
among the stars
looking on heaven
and below.

Letter (Limerick)

October 20, 2011

After the gift, she sent a letter.
In it, she wrote: could do better.
A weak critique
but then, it was only a sweater.


July 8, 2011

When past refuses to stay in the past
the present weeps
and the future curls up and dies.


May 21, 2011

Once we were young,
and our hobby was dreaming.
Now we have grown,
and our time is spent counting.
Counting the hours,
’til we can go home;
counting the pennies,
that we can’t enjoy;
counting the days,
as they disappear.
Oh to be young again,
full of excitement for the future,
rather than this disappointment,
I feel at the past.



Inspired by @MyWordWizard‘s prompt: “Once we were young…”

Up Close

May 21, 2011

Up close she was as she had seemed –
perfect to the highest grade;
flawless to the finest detail.


Up close, she was just as a masterpiece,
edges cracked and colours smudged,
that from afar one would not see,
but rarely was he close enough to care.



Inspired by @MyWordWizard‘s prompt: “Up close, she was…”

viii. Twitter

March 16, 2011

We chose different paths,
It seemed to be the only way,
But though they rarely cross,
I think about her every day.


Everything we knew before escaped us
right when we needed it most.
All we had learned, all we’d been told,
faded into ignorance, leaving us lost.


Nature’s fury makes sure we have not forgotten,
Reminds us who is boss.
‘Hand of God’ or ‘Way of the World’,
We are nothing in comparison.

I would sit.

Yes. Those were the days.
When sitting was something by itself.
Now when I sit,
I am writing emails,
Making phonecalls,
Having my hair cut.
I never just sit,


The five year old asks,
Again and again,
And is told to stop.
That five year old,
Is at his wisest,
When asking, “why?”.



Inspired by the following prompts from @MyWordWizard:
“We chose different paths…”
“Everything we knew before…”
“Nature’s fury…”
“I would sit…”