Something New

November 7, 2011

It’s time for something new.
It’s time for me and you
to go our separate ways,
to let these days
come to an end.
It’s time to mend
our broken hearts,
to find the shattered parts
and glue them back again,
to leave behind the pain
of this lost cause.
It’s time for you to take what’s yours
and me to take what’s mine.
It’s time to put the shine
back in our eyes,
to cut all ties
and say enough’s enough,
admit that this is just too tough
for us to make it out unharmed.
It’s time that we give up our arms
and stop the war
because the thing we’re fighting for
was taken long ago
so now, it’s time for me to go.
Our paths will cross again, I know
but at least for now, I must say goodbye to you.
It’s hard, but it’s what I must do.
It’s time for something new.