The Prizefighter

August 17, 2014

He was rugged,
Never lost in war;
never played at love.
Solid to the touch
and to the test.
But in that first kiss,
she saw behind the intricate veil
of his public persona
and into the delicacy of his soul.
In that first kiss,
she felt her prizefighter soften.
When she was in his arms,
they lived together in a magical kingdom,
where his strength and his love
would keep her safe forever.



August 10, 2014

Beneath the skin
Is an entire universe
Of beating heart
And trembling soul,
Where good and bad
Play soldiers every day.

Beneath the skin
Is where I live,
Is who I am,
Is what I mean,
Is everything I know
To be true.

Beneath the skin
Is a topsy turvy,
Turbulent, treacherous,
Tremendous treat.
But I know you
will never tread that deep.

Today’s Prompts

August 4, 2014

In my eternal absence,
do not feel alone.
But rather, feel me around you
In the very pulse of the universe.

Let the wind blow through your hair,
and let the rain wash down your face;
let the Sun warm your lips,
for I am the wind, I am the rain, I am the Sun.

Inspired by #fieryverse.


August 3, 2014

After all the love,
all the laughter,
all the life has run dry,
will it matter what we were
to an empty, silent world?

He lives in a junkyard. Scraps of other people’s lives litter his home.

His heart was long since broken, so he fashioned a new one from junkyard scraps and tacked it in place with sticky tape—he figured it should hold out for one night.

Inspired by prompts at #HeartSoup by @HeartSoupPoetry

Sing to me…

April 21, 2013

Sing to me
as I drift to sleep.
Let me sail upon your melody
from these shores
into the depths of unconsciousness.
May the last thing I hear
before I sink
beneath the cool surface
be the softness of your voice.
May the words
stay with me
in the eternal dream
of the hereafter.
Enshroud me with your harmony
that I be buried with your song
and have it echo through the heavens
and mingle with the music of angels.
I do not ask of you
to weep for me
for I am not sad.
We have both been waiting
and now it is time for me to go;
My only remaining wish is this:
as I drift to sleep,
sing to me.

Riding Seahorses

April 21, 2013

He stands, silent, still, staring out,
twin moons looking back;
their light bounces off the crests of waves
and the swell of clouds, spectral in the night sky.
Behind him, the dark swallows up the world,
perching him here on the edge of the earth,
waves crashing before him,
licking at his bare feet likes flames
from the depths of hell.
He doesn’t make a sound, he just listens.
Listens and watches.
He isn’t afraid – it’s more than fear;
he respects the sea.
Such formidable power,
the strength to create and to destroy,
to shape a world,
to take a life.
He remembers his sister –
how she loved the sea –
her tousled hair, her freckled cheeks, her tireless grin,
the terrible silence that replaced her.
He imagines her stricken, fighting the currents,
falling forever – down to the darkest part of this black world.
He imagines her cries stifled by salty, unsatiable breaths.
He imagines the light leaving her eyes, her body still.
He imagines her swimming with mermaids and riding seahorses.
He smiles.
How she loved the sea.

Slow Rain

June 5, 2012

A slow rain fell
and washed the tears away
and washed the blood away,
red to pink to nothing at all,
and tried to wash the pain away
but forty days and forty nights
couldn’t make her feel okay.

Inspired by My Word Wizard.

xv. Towel

August 5, 2011

I gave it up,
I passed on it,
I threw in the towel.

She shed a tear,
She hit the floor,
She gave a solemn howl.

I walked away,
I left it dying,
I told her I was done.

She couldn’t move,
She wouldn’t accept it,
She wouldn’t let me run.

Our time was over,
Our day was through,
Our number had come up.

We ended there,
We let love die,
We said enough’s enough.



Prompt from @theundeniables