May 25, 2011

He said he did it for the thrill,
The ecstasy it sparked within,
The twisted joy of tasting sin.

He said he simply had to kill,
He claimed his soul was black as coal,
and that he could not fight his will.

I guess that blackness has crept in.
I did it simply for the thrill.


xv. Glance

March 24, 2011

My heart has never beat so fast,
I’ve never felt this rush before,
My body greedily wants more,
Before the feeling’s even passed.

That brief enchanting glance you cast,
Left me in such stupendous awe,
I’ve never felt this rush before,
My heart has never beat so fast.

I worry that it will not last,
That if you walk back out the door,
I’ll lose something I can’t restore;
I know it could not be surpassed.
My heart has never beat so fast.



Inspired by One-Stop-Poetry‘s ‘Form Monday’, which this week introduced the Rondel.

ii. Summer Sun

March 5, 2011

Summer Sun
lights up the sky;
lights up the corners
and the cracks;
rubs the shadows out.

Summer Sun
chases off the cold
and scares away
the apathy
that winter left.

Summer Sun
casts new life
across the land;
casts a smile
across my face.



Inspired by One Stop Poetry’s ‘Poetically Friday‘.

xxxi. Tanka

February 15, 2011

Outside, the rain falls.
I watch the flowers rejoice;
it has been so long
since last it lavished them so.
Inside, I am still waiting.



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