More or Less

April 17, 2011

More Love; Less Hate.
More Choice; Less Fate.

More Peace; Less War.
Fear Less; Try More.
More Honesty; Less Shame.
More Humanity; Less Pain.
More Real; Less Fake.
More Give; Less Take.
More Good; Less Harm
Less Anger; More Calm.

Less Dark; More Light.
More Talk; Less Fight.

More Warmth; Less Cold.
Less Shy; More Bold.

More Heart; Less Head.

Less Starved; More Fed.
More Saved; Less Killed.

More Free; Less Billed.

Trade More; Buy Less.
Less No; More Yes.
More Rest; Less Strife.

Less Death; More Life.



An old favourite of mine, tidied up a little.



April 17, 2011

The lies you tell
The truths I hide
The times we laughed
The times I cried
The love I gave
The pain you took
The way things are
The way they look
The random smiles
The sudden tears
The broken dreams
The mended fears
The hopeful plans
The altered goals
The things we did
The growing holes
The time to love
The time to fight
The tender kiss
The hurtful bite
The soft caress
The gentle touch
The not enough
The too damned much



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