Today’s Prompts

August 19, 2014


A hero doesn’t need
magical powers
or even great strength.
A hero is one who tries,
knowing they have neither.


Simple pleasures,
so easily forgotten or denied.
In truth so important,
for what is life without them
but hard work and misery?


I bleed not because of you,
but for you—
that you might know
the pain you’ve caused
and vow to be more careful.


If you wish to be my hero,
do not charge
to die for my honour,
but stay by my side,
and keep me warm.


As a hero,
it is not your duty
to hide your pain,
but to bare your scars
for the good of all who suffer.


Occasionally, he sifts his fingers
Through the ashes of a life long ago,
But all he remembers now is the fire.

Prompts by: @HeartSoupPoems, @ThatPoetrySite and @TheSavageHearts


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