i. Fate

July 5, 2011

I know you
better than you know yourself.
I know your future
as well as I know your past.
I see how every action
has its reaction
and how every choice
has its consequence.
I read from yesterday
to write tomorrow.
I know what’s best for you
and see how bad days
lead to good days
even when you don’t.
So, I forgive you
when you curse me
for your misfortunes
as I do
when you forget to praise me
for your fortunes.
I consider every path you take
and every path you cross.
I record every opportunity you take,
every person you cross
and every good deed you perform.
Yet, true as all this is,
I don’t control you;
I don’t make decisions for you;
I don’t make you go where you don’t want
even when I know you should.
I only observe you.
I am reactionary.
You wish every day that you were in charge,
not realising that you are –
that your tomorrow
is your choice.
Not realising that
that which you can’t see
you can still touch;
that which you can’t know,
you can still change.

I know you
better than you know yourself
but you do not know me.

I am Fate.


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